Rewards For Good Driving

Our app rewards you with points for the the time you spend with the app tracking without driving distracted.  You lose one point for every minute of distracted driving.

Track your Trips

Our app will provides you with the history of all your app tracking and distracted driving time. You can use this data to help improve your driving behavior and collect more points.


See where you rank against your friends and coworkers for Good Driving. Our leaderboard also show where your stand for your projected monthly prize.  The Top Ranked Good Drivers are eligible to receive prizes every month.


Immediately after implementation, fleets see a dramatic reduction in distracted driving and accidents due to improved driving behaviors through accountability.

Insurance Savings

Reducing Distracted Driving will help to reduce the number of accidents at your fleet and reduce your insurance premiums.  Our goal is to work with insurance companies to reduce accidents and reward Good Drivers.

Want to join the challenge on Feb 1st 2018?

Visit our contact page or send us an email to reserve your spot.  There are only a limited number of spots available.