Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Good Driver.

What information do you track?

We track when your phone is on and off.  We also track your speed to determine if your driving or not.  NOTE: Your driving data is not available to the public.  It's only used to calculate your Good Driving score and ranking.

Do you track who I text and Call?

No!  We are not able to track any details of what your doing on your phone.  We are only able to track if your phone is on or off and whether on of off a call while driving.

Does Good Driver cellular data?

Yes and No! If you have cellular data turned on, it will use data. If you have cellular data turned off, it will not use any data.  We always recommend turning your cellular data off to avoid distractions and limit data usage when driving.

Does Good Driver use a lot of battery life?

Good Driver has been optimized to reduce battery drain but it can still use a lot of battery on a long drive.  We always recommend keeping your phone plugged into a charger when driving to prevent battery drain.